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World Church

At St Johns is part of the world church, and we take our part in doing what we can to help the world church family. For example special collections or events are held, particularly for disaster relief appeals and, our services and home group sometimes have a world church theme.

Fiona and Claire Crook.

Fiona Crook

We supported Fiona Crook, who attended St Johns from infancy until training as a physiotherapist. She has now returned from working with SIM (Serving in Mission) in Jos, Nigeria, and has a job in the UK. Her Mum, Claire frequently goes abroad working, short term, for a medical charity.

Traidcraft stall - Fighting poverty through trade

Traidcraft Stall

We support the Fair Trade movement by having a small Traidcraft stall in a corner at the back of our church. Fairly traded goods can are ordered through their catalogue. They also supply our catering needs. We have also raised awareness and money for them by running a stall at our local Sheepdog Trials. They also operate in this country. See also their website support them.

Christian Aid

An annual soup lunch has often been offered during Christian Aid week, for their funds and a number of our members support Christian aid as individuals.

Soup Lunch for Christian Aid.

Refugee relief

Refugee appeal 2013
refugee appeal 2

We try to respond to appeals for help elsewhere in the world. In 2013 we acted as a collection point for goods to relieve the suffering of Syrian refugees.There was an overwhelming response as can be seen in these images